New Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

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Attention Scouts, Leaders, and Parents or Guardians 
Eagle Scout rank requirement 5 has been reworded. To support that change, a new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook has been created. Through Dec. 31, 2011, Scouts have a choice to use either the new workbook or the one it is replacing. Scouts whose Eagle Scout service project has already been approved by the council or district under the former wording of requirement 5—and using the former workbook—should continue with the same workbook. If their project has not yet been approved by the council or district, they may elect to use the revised requirement 5 and the new workbook. Starting Jan. 1, 2012, Eagle Scout candidates—unless they have already submitted a plan for approval by the council or district under the former requirement—will be expected to fulfill the revised service project requirement 5 using the new workbook.

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927  

New Merit Badge Counselor Application

Effective January 1, 2012 Burlington County Council will use a new Merit Badge Counselor Application for the registration of all new counselors.  This form is attached below.  This form must be submitted with an Adult Application, including the approval for a background check.  

Tour Permits/Plans for Eagle Scout Projects

The Burlington County Council Tour Permit/Plan policy requires Tour Permits for any event outside of the usual meeting time or location.  As such, most Eagle Scout Project workdays will need to be covered by a Tour Permit/Plan.  If each workday has the same individuals going to the same place to do the same thing, one application may be submitted to cover different workdays, even if they are non-consecutive provided that the individual who signs as Trip Leader is present at each date on the form.  These dates should be listed on the Tour Permit/Plan.  As these applications must be completed and signed by Unit Leadership, it is still their responsibility to file this application for Eagle Scout Project Workdays.  However, the Eagle Scout Candidate should communicate the necessary information to his appropriate Unit Leaders who will complete the application for him. 

Reporting Advancement 

All Cub Scout and Boy Scout ranks, and all Venturing awards must be reported to local councils. The best and most accurate method is through the BSA’s Internet Advancement (through The paper form, Advancement Report, No. 34403, may also be submitted, as may electronic files generated by unit management software such as TroopMaster®
Units should report advancement monthly, but at least quarterly. This assures member records are complete. Missing reports are a serious issue, for example, when it comes to documenting advancement for boards of review, the Eagle Scout rank, and membership transfers or reinstatements. To reflect an accurate count in the Journey to Excellence performance recognition program, it is also important that all advancement for a calendar year be recorded during that year.


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