The Venturing Division has designed literature, audiovisuals, training, activities, and awards to support Venturing crews and ships.

Literature and audiovisuals
A variety of books, pamphlets, and videos have been developed to assist with organization, program, leadership, and activities. In particular, the Venturing Leader Manual will support leadership and planning.

Basic and advanced leader training sessions along with crew leader workshops, quarterly Advisor meetings, and program conferences will be available to improve and enrich Venturing crew programs. A weeklong high-adventure skills course for Venturing Advisors called Powder Horn is available annually.

Advancement Awards
A variety of awards are available to Venturers who accomplish specific advancement achievements. These awards include:
Venturing Bronze Awards
Venturing Gold Award
Venturing Silver Award
Venturing Ranger Award
Sea Scouting Quartermaster Award

Recognition Awards
Those awards that are designed to provide recognition for youth and adults include:
Venturing Leadership Award
Venturing Advisor Award of Merit

The BSA Supply Division offers the traditional spruce-green uniform shirt for Venturers. It is recommended that crews adopt a charcoal gray casual pant and/or backpacking-style short for their uniform. However, each crew may determine what, if any, specific uniform pants or shorts they will wear based on crew activities.

BSA Councils
Venturing crews and ships are supported by local BSA councils, which provide staff and volunteer support, operate service centers and camps, and conduct training and activities.

Liability Insurance
The Boy Scouts of America has liability insurance that covers leaders and organizations to which Venturing crews and shops are chartered. Accident and medical coverage are not included but are available through local BSA councils at a modest cost.

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