Are Kitchen Cleaning Products Causing Massive Environmental Harm? 

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Are Kitchen Cleaning Products Causing Massive Environmental Harm? 

In recent years, really putting the work into cleaning your home has been all the rage. Thousands of social media accounts dedicated to the joy of cleaning have popped up over the last decade and these social media accounts publish their favorite cleaning techniques and products that they regularly use.  

With all of these social media accounts sharing their favorite products with the world, more and more of us are regularly buying cleaning products that are recommended to us. There is nothing wrong with wanting a cleaner home and workspace, scientists believe that these products could be extremely harmful to the environment.  

Why are they causing environmental harm? 

All you need to do is smell a cleaning product in order to know that they are full of chemicals. Now, when it comes to using cleaning products, we are often told not to allow them to touch our skin due to the damage that the chemicals can cause. So if they can cause so much damage to humans, then surely they can cause substantial damage to our environment.  

A lot of the ingredients in cleaning products aren’t tested for safety. After all, the products aren’t made for human consumption and so there is really no need for safety testing. However, a lot of the ingredients that are found within most cleaning products have corrosive elements to them, which can make them extremely damaging to the environment around us. 

The food chain  

Some cleaning products may not be extremely damaging to nature itself, but they can have some damaging effects on the food chain. A good example of man-made products influencing the food chain is the use of pesticides. These harm the food chain by allowing small bugs and rodents to consume them, which are later consumed by bigger predators that die as a result of the consumption. Now, imagine that a fish or a small animal ingested something toxic like bleach or a cleaning agent. This could have a knock-on effect which could have serious damage to the environment and even wipe out some species that the earth depends on.  


As well as the products themselves being extremely damaging for the environment, the packaging in which they come in can create a lot of waste. This is especially the case when we take aerosol cans into consideration. These are one-use metals that cannot be refilled and cannot be recycled, which means they just end up in tips. They can take a long time to break down, which has an extremely negative effect on the environment.  

A lot of the waste that we produce also goes straight into the ocean, so little packets and flimsy packaging that you may not even think about can end up in the ocean and be eaten by a fish. If they aren’t consumed, they can end up hurting or wrapping around sea life, which is arguably even more damaging. 

What can you do?

Though you may think this article is a lot of fear-mongering, we also think that it is important to share some cleaning product alternatives with you. You can have a look at this article on natural cleaning solutions for appliances in your kitchen which can suggest a number of environmentally safe cleaning solutions.  You will also be glad to hear that a lot of natural cleaning products can be made at home using basic ingredients that you can pick up from your local store. Using ingredients like lemon juice and vinegar will make your items clean, while also not damaging the environment.  

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