Is America At Risk of a Serious Cyber-Attack?

Is America At Risk of a Serious Cyber-Attack?

Warfare has changed. No longer is the biggest threat to a country just the risk of invasion or traditional terrorist activity. Particularly for a first-world country like America, one of the biggest threats to national security is now completely digital.

But how likely is a major cyberattack against the United States? And if one is to come, how well prepared is our country to fight it off. And can the rumors of an impending cyber attack be believed?


Cyber-Attack Types

What exactly is a Cyber-Attack, and how would it damage our country. There are a few different variations. Hacking is the most common and can be used to do everything from simply view logistics jobs in colorado to find ways of infiltration, all the way from decimating our economy by crashing the stock market.

The other, and more dangerous method, is using advanced viruses to cause havoc to the American digital infostructure. These viruses would most likely target major military systems or governmental databases to cause havoc. Breaking down lines of communication and stopping normal systems from working the country over.


Chances of an Attack

There are constant rumors that America is due to be attacked. Often stirred up by our nation’s various enemies to try to instill fear and disrupt daily life. Other times these rumors are sparked up by tabloid news to get clicks or sell papers. Fear is a great motivator for consumerism.

We are lucky that our country has a very powerful intelligence division. So the chance of any attacks happening without our government being aware is unlikely.

In recent years tensions have been flaring up between America and China and Russia, even the EU is putting new restrictions on online advertisers. The big three have been at each other’s throats for a while. Chances are that, if a cyber-attack was to take place, it would be from one of those countries.


Will They Attack?

The reality of cyber warfare is that these countries are probably constantly trying to get into other nations’ digital infrastructure. A constant invisible war that goes on without our knowledge. But the good news is this. America is lucky enough to have one of the most advanced technological defense lines on the planet. This is due to our own massive technological infrastructure but also the power of our major allies. Britain. The EU. Japan. All these powers combined work together and share their digital defenses to ensure the safety of all.


What Would Happen

If an enemy did manage to pull off a cyber-attack, what would actually happen to the united states. In truth, it is unlikely the average citizen would really notice the effects immediately. Chances are the attack would be targeted at the military. We might see the dollar weaken for a while and there is a chance we would go deeper into a recession. But in terms of general day to day life, things would go along as normal hopefully.


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