Is The World in A Rush to Get Abroad Before The Next Lockdown?

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Is The World in A Rush to Get Abroad Before The Next Lockdown?

The last two years have been very tiring. The entire world has been caught in the grips of Covid-19. Lockdowns have been imposed around the globe and people have had their lives put on hold. It has been a stressful time for everyone.

Those hit worst by the rolling lockdowns have been businesses. Especially the travel industry. What was once a multi-million dollar industry was grounded to a sudden halt. Millions of holidays were canceled. Some people even found themself trapped in a different country with no way of getting home.

We have been lucky that some countries have now ended lockdown and the travel industry is starting to get back to some sense of normality. But is the world in a rush to get back abroad? Particularly with the threat of another lockdown always looming over the horizon.

Pro-Travel Sentiment is Growing

Even before lockdown ended many people were up in arms about the troubles facing the travel industry. People have called for governments to bail out airlines and travel agencies to avoid massive layoffs across the board. And some governments did comply and bailed out some of the large companies. But hundreds were still forced to find alternate forms of work.

But now that travel has started up again this pro-travel sentiment has not gone anywhere. We have seen a massive surge in resorts and tourist attractions putting out appealing offers to get people traveling again. Disney World in Florida lowered prices for returning customers. The Ikos resort in Greece is running more events per week to entice people and the sandals resorts in the Caribbean has been refurbing all their amenities to create a fresh and magical experience for their guests. Not to mention airlines are encouraging people to get back out there as soon as they can with competitive prices and fantastic deals.

Are People Still Skeptical about Travel?

While there is a lot of pro-travel sentiment floating about, there are still a lot of people who think traveling right now is a terrible idea. These people don’t want to see the travel industry go under. But they have a lot of valid concerns about Covid-19 and the effect travel has on spreading the disease.

Already we have seen a number of Covid variants appear. These variants complicate matters and often increase the risk of another lockdown. And the main way these variants have been spread to new countries is by tourists. So, naturally, people are worried that if people start traveling again then there is a greater risk of covid spreading around. Which in turn could lead to another lockdown. Which, ironically, would stop travel once again.

What are the Reasons People Want to Travel

So why are people in such a rush to get abroad, besides the want to help support the travel industry? The main answer is due to the fact that lockdown was very restrictive. Being cooped up indoors isn’t great for a lot of people. Some can deal with it just fine. Others can’t. So it’s no surprise people are rushing to get abroad after being stuck inside so long.

A lot of people finished their education while stuck in lockdown. And it is very common for students to go traveling once their studies are completed. But for a lot of graduates, were forced to celebrate in lockdown. So a large percentage of people rushing to get abroad are former students looking to finally unwind and relax on a sunny beach.

A lot of families were denied their summer holidays or Christmas trips abroad due to lockdown. And for these families, it has been extra difficult suddenly having their children at home with them 24/7. So it is no surprise that a lot of families are also rushing to go on holiday now as well.

Which Destinations are Most Popular Post Lockdown

So we have established that people are getting out into the world in full force. But where are people heading? Which destinations are seeing the biggest surge in tourists now that lockdown has ended?

Spain is one country that has been flooded with tourists. Its close proximity to the UK, a nation filled with travel eager people, has always made it a holiday hot spot. Paired with its sunny beaches and scenic vistas, it has become one of the main travel destinations for people escaping lockdown. Not to mention Spain was already a cheap holiday destination. And now with airlines offering fantastic deals, you can escape to Spain for basically nothing.

Amsterdam has also seen a huge surge in tourists as well. Mainly young adults and students. Amsterdam is home to a vibrant nightlife and drug-positive culture so it is no surprise that this demographic is rushing out there. On top of that though, Amsterdam is filled with a lot of historical sites and has a rich culture for people to soak up.

So in short, it is safe to assume that the world is definitely in a rush to get back aboard. But is this entirely a good thing? In terms of the support, it brings to nations and businesses in the form of tourism, definitely. But we have to be careful to avoid the spreading of new covid variants.

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