These State Senators are pushing for a New Bailout Scheme For Small Businesses

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These State Senators are pushing for a New Bailout Scheme For Small Businesses

American Senators have been fighting a losing battle this year. The pandemic came out of nowhere. And the lack of action from the president has left senators having to decide on their own lockdown measures. This has been difficult with federal backing.

But lockdown isn’t the only issue. And to a greater extent, it isn’t even the issue most Americans are worried about. The economy has been the most pressing issue on the tongue of most Americans.


Money Obsessed

One of the biggest boasting points for America is its economy. Despite the fact it has been getting weaker year on year, the American people have been brainwashed into thinking theirs is the most powerful country and economy on the planet.

So most Americans are deadly afraid of anything that could stifle their economy. So afraid that they are willing to risk their lives and the lives of others to make sure it stays afloat.

Which is why they have been pushing for bailouts to make sure it doesn’t crash during the pandemic. Many are stating that the country needs a new green deal to push them back into the prosperous age they remember.


The Senators

Four Senators from prominent democratic states have put come together to create and push for a new bailout scheme.

The idea is that small, independently owned businesses will get a full bailout and financial support from the government. This will also include a massive tax break in addition. They suggest taxing the operations that have benefited from the pandemic, such as Amazon, more and making sure they pay up so the government can support the businesses who need it.

The idea began after these four senators received thousands of complaints, mostly related to people unable to get help with pest control due to a lot of firms going under. This was all the motivation they needed to stand up for their constituents.



The average conservative American is deadly afraid of giving out money to those in need. Brainwashed to believe this is communism infecting their proud capitalist nation, they seem to forget that without these bailouts, they will soon have no country.

And the pushback against this new plan has been strong. Many Trump supporters are touting that it will bring the country into a deeper recession than they are already in, despite the fact the economy is still on a steady decline.

As the elections are looming, now is the time for the senators to keep pushing their plan forward. By creating a stir they are hoping to get it into the public view and make sure it ends up in the next debate. If they can have the candidates talk on it, it can be used as a point against Trump and his economy harming policies.


A New Normal

But this isn’t the only way forward. A lot of people are understandably exhausted by the way life has been changed. Living in isolation. Wearing masks and socially distancing. But a lot of scientists have proposed a new normal. A way to get the economy started without a bailout.

And it involves young people. Mainly letting young people get back to work and back outside while keeping older people away from the public. This would mean the world become run by the young for a while, and it will be unfortunate for the older generations. But all the simulations of this scenario show a significant boost in the economy after it, and some even show the economy getting stronger than it was before the pandemic began.






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