Truck Driver Shortage: How America is Dealing with its Freight Issue

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Truck Driver Shortage: How America is Dealing with its Freight Issue

In the last year or so, more and more truck drivers throughout America are parking up their trucks and venturing into new careers. There are a number of reasons as to why so many drivers have decided to make a career change and one of the main reasons is because of the poor work conditions that come with spending hours on end trapped inside of a hot truck.

As well as the drivers not enjoying the trucking lifestyle, there is very little security in the job and the hours can be outrageous, which means that truck drivers were unable to spend the time that they wanted to with their families. You may remember that in the days running up to Christmas last year, many truck drivers were stuck in a horrific traffic jam that meant that many of them were unable to make it home in time to see their families. For many, this disregard of truck drivers was the final straw and thousands of truck workers decided to start careers in other fields.

As some of the drivers quit the profession, their reasoning for doing so was heard by truck drivers all over the world. Many heard what they had to say and too decided to quit, which meant that America was left with fewer and fewer drivers.

Though there were fewer drivers, this did not mean that there were fewer products that needed to be transported. This created a big problem throughout America, as they had a huge freight issue but no workers willing to help them fix it. As a result, America has had to get creative and find a solution for this ongoing problem. Here is how America is dealing with its freight issue.


Increased Driver Workload

For the drivers that have decided to stick around for the time being, there will be absolutely no concern over whether or not they will have enough work in the upcoming year. Many drivers have been asked to almost double their workload, which means that they will be completing more trips and carrying much more cargo with them.

However, manufacturers are scared about losing some of their drivers due to overworking, so the increased workload is only being given to those who want it. For those that are happy with their current hours and work, then they are under no obligation to pick up extra work. With the increased work that is being completed by some of the truck drivers, they are also experiencing a wage increase. This is because they are now seen as extremely valuable assets and from the events that have unfolded in the last year, companies know that drivers will happily leave if they are not being treated as they believe they should be.


Improved Work Conditions

One of the main reasons that so many people chose to leave the world of truck driving is due to the poor work conditions. Truckers can spend days sat within their trucks and truck stops offer very little relief in terms of comfort. Truck drivers are said to have some of the highest recorded leg and back problems due to just how much time they spend sitting at the driving wheel and to try and combat this, companies are now providing their drivers with a hotel fund. This means that when they are on the road, they don’t need to rest up in a truck stop and they can instead choose to spend the night at a hotel free of charge.

Companies are doing this as they believe it will improve the overall happiness of their employees and will decrease the likelihood of them seeking employment elsewhere. By taking care of the health of their employees, also means that the people that work for them are less likely to retire early or need sick leave, so it is really a win for everyone involved.


Vehicle Upgrades

We have already touched upon just how uncomfortable some of the trucks that the drivers use can be. As well as being extremely uncomfortable, a lot of the trucks that the drivers have to use are dated and some even have damage that makes them difficult to use.

There have been many cases where truck drivers have had to pull up on the side of the road to make general repairs to the trucks that are extremely difficult for one person alone. After all, imagine having to pull over on a busy highway and repair the tire of a truck.

Companies have now either entirely replaced the trucks that they use or they have upgraded some of the features of the truck. For example, a lot of companies have replaced their standard wheels with some of the best off road tires that are less likely to break, so that workers don’t have to do any repairs during a busy shift.

There has also been a movement to try and make the interiors of the trucks more comfortable due to how long truck drivers are in the trucks. There have been improvements to the seats and the leg space so that the drivers don’t have to worry about anything other than keeping their eyes on the road and staying safe. On top of that, many companies have added resting spaces, so when the truckers feel like they need a rest, they can.

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