Which Teams are Primed to Beat Liverpool in the 2021 Premier League

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Which Teams are Primed to Beat Liverpool in the 2021 Premier League

Liverpool has had a turbulent rise to the top of the Premier League over the last decade. With Klopp changing the way the entire team operates on and off the pitch and Liverpool as a team changing the way English football is played, they shook the game up enough to push themselves to the pinnacle of English football, becoming almost undefeatable with one of the longest winning streaks and highest point difference for a winner in the history of the Premier League.

Going into the current season, however, Liverpool has already started to perform noticeably worse, with some completely avoidable draws and losses. Many blame the global pandemic for reducing training opportunities and generally encouraging the team to take a bit of a mental break, but this should be no excuse for such a world-class team. Regardless of why it is happening, Liverpool has left themselves open to being taken down this year, and there are some hungry teams ready to take the scraps.



After their own surprise league victory in the 15/16 season, Leister has cemented themselves as one of the top contenders in the Premier League. Currently standing at the top of the league with the most points and wins, they have come off to an excellent start that no other team seems to be able to match.

Of course, if they don’t continue with this momentum they could very easily find themselves dropping down, but so far they are keeping up their level of play and are consistently matching the opposition, including Liverpool.



In 2004, the arsenal invincibles team earned their new name by getting on the longest undefeated streak of all time in the Premier League with 49 games in a row ending in a win or draw. This is an incredible feat for any team and, although it was in the past, the team has never forgotten its pedigree and continues to be one of the finest teams in the league and the world.

While they are certainly on no winning streak this season, they have shown an incredible depth of skill in their play so far which hasn’t resulted in as many wins as they would like, but it is a definite sign that they are going to be a team to watch this year.



Another smaller-name team who has found themselves in the top rungs of professional football in the last few years, Everton have stayed consistently around the top of the table so far this year. With very few goals conceded so far and unwavering composure, they could very easily prove themselves to be the new champions if they keep it all up consistently.

They are yet to come up against many of the league’s biggest hitters, but Everton has shown themselves to be dominant enough in all of their matches so far. We will just have to see how they do against Liverpool soon, but they stand a great chance at the overall title.


Manchester City

Man City is one of the greatest teams in football at the moment. With far more Premier League wins than Liverpool and a consistently high ranking in the league historically and this season, they perhaps have the best position from which to knock Liverpool down a peg.

Like Liverpool, their performance so far this season has been weaker than what is expected, but their ferocity on the pitch shows the drive they still retain to be the best. With a huge amount of the season left, they are sure to start picking up momentum as we forge into the winter months and start to give Liverpool – and the entire league – a run for their money.

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