Boy Scout Leaders

All scouting leaders can march into the practice of unifying the group of boys by taking up this extensive training. New Leader Essentials and Leader Specific Training are covered to shape the boys into enterprising leaders.

Venturing Leaders

This camp molds individuals into social beings by making them explore the beauty of fraternizing and discovering the world. Leaders are, therefore, designed and not always born being proactive humans.


We aim to instil within every participant the spirit to take up challenges by sticking to the ethical values of the Law. New commissioners are being shaped along the way by preparing the youth by stabilizing their moral compass.

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Boy Scouts Of America

Children grow through their vision, listening, and discussions. Scouting has been one of the best forms of training kids to be the future this world craves for. Every child that comes into this space is made to take on the action as the first step towards preparing them for the impending challenges in life.

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Recent News


Is America At Risk of a Serious Cyber-Attack?

Warfare has changed. No longer is the biggest threat to a country just the risk of invasion or traditional terrorist activity. Particularly for a first-world country like America, one of the biggest threats to national security is now completely digital.

But how likely is a major cyberattack against the United States? And if one is to come, how well prepared is our country to fight it off. And can the rumors of an impending cyber attack be believed?


Cyber-Attack Types

What exactly is a Cyber-Attack, and how would it damage our country. There are a few different variations. Hacking is the most common and can be used to do everything from simply to find ways of infiltration, all the way from decimating our economy by crashing the stock market.

The other, and more dangerous method, is using advanced viruses to cause havoc to the American digital infostructure. These viruses would most likely target major military systems or governmental databases to cause havoc. Breaking down lines of communication and stopping normal systems from working the country over.


Chances of an Attack

There are constant rumors that America is due to be attacked. Often stirred up by our nation’s various enemies to try to instill fear and disrupt daily life. Other times these rumors are sparked up by tabloid news to get clicks or sell papers. Fear is a great motivator for consumerism.

We are lucky that our country has a very powerful intelligence division. So the chance of any attacks happening without our government being aware is unlikely.

In recent years tensions have been flaring up between America and China and Russia. The big three have been at each other’s throats for a while. Chances are that, if a cyber-attack was to take place, it would be from one of those countries.


Will They Attack?

The reality of cyber warfare is that these countries are probably constantly trying to get into other nations’ digital infrastructure. A constant invisible war that goes on without our knowledge. But the good news is this. America is lucky enough to have one of the most advanced technological defense lines on the planet. This is due to our own massive technological infrastructure but also the power of our major allies. Britain. The EU. Japan. All these powers combined work together and share their digital defenses to ensure the safety of all.


What Would Happen

If an enemy did manage to pull off a cyber-attack, what would actually happen to the united states. In truth, it is unlikely the average citizen would really notice the effects immediately. Chances are the attack would be targeted at the military. We might see the dollar weaken for a while and there is a chance we would go deeper into a recession. But in terms of general day to day life, things would go along as normal hopefully.


Three Campers Were Treated to a Unique Experience When a Bear Got in their Tent

Three college friends thought they would spend the weekend before their finals hiking and taking in nature within one of California’s most popular camping spots when they were surprised to find a bear had taken refuge within their tent.


Picture the scene, it was one of the hottest days of the year and the trio had decided to take a dip in the lake that was located to the north of their camping spot to cool off and enjoy the sun. One of the trio had forgotten their towel back at their camp and decided he would venture back to retrieve it before enjoying the rest of his day.


Before he had even got to the tent he knew what had happened. All of the telltale signs were there, food on the floor, a ripped tent- they had been visited by a bear. This was not uncommon in this area and more often than not, the bears would get what they want and return to the woods. Because of this, the camper did not think twice before entering his tent to inspect the damage. However, to his surprise, the bear had not moved on at all and was instead led down within the tent sleeping.


Quick Thinking

Though the camper was confused, he quickly figured out why the bear had decided not to move on and that was because of the portable air conditioner that they had set up in their tent. The bear was simply trying to get a little relief on a hot day and had stumbled upon the cool tent before passing out.


The campers laughed about the matter and called for aid from a local ranger to remove the bear. One of the campers commented; “before the trip, I asked myself, what are the best portable air conditioners for camping? Not for one second did I ask, which would be best for local bears to sleep by?”

Melbourne Now Has the Highest Vacancy Rate of Any Major Australian City

The World of Real Estate has been turned on its head as Melbourne has now been announced to have the highest Vacancy Rate of Any Major Australia City. This might not seem like newsworthy information, but let us unpack exactly what this means for Australia and the Real Estate market overall.


The Changes

A high Vacancy rate is a huge deal for any city. It essentially means the number of properties that are available for new residents to live in. This could be anything from small-scale flats to luxury family homes.

A high vacancy rate could potentially be seen as a bad thing in a certain context. One reason for the sudden increase could be a mass evacuation of people from the city. Leaving properties empty and jobs vacant within the communities. This would often be a sign of a massive decrease in the quality of life of the area.

But, in the case of Melbourne the increase is due to a massive public works project designed to both help house those less fortunate while also building new homes to entice a new wave of immigration.


The Scheme

This scheme came about after a group of mortgage brokers in the city of Melbourne decided there weren’t enough people buying or selling properties in Melbourne to sustain long-term investments into any property.

Not to mention there was a lot of political unease due to the slow rise in homelessness and issues with housing. So, these mortgage brokers approached the city with a plan to create a few new residential zones in areas that were previously designated as industrial.

Melbourne has seen a massive decrease in its industrial exports. Most of its terrain is taken up by shops and residential zones, along with some fantastic natural parks. It was calculated that the loss of income the city would face due to the rezoning would be offset by the massive increase in funds they would receive once the residential homes were completed and more people started moving in.



Public opinion at first was skeptical of the idea. A lot of the citizens of Melbourne were worried about a new tidal wave of immigration, especially considering the slight job shortage that has been creeping up on Australia in recent years.

But their worries were soon eased after it was revealed just how many jobs this project would create within the city itself. The amount of construction that was taking place meant there was a need for a lot of hands-on labor. Thousands of jobs were created in this way.

And not just in construction either. Architects soon found themselves spoilt for choice on new jobs. Industrial supply firms, decorators, electricians, and engineers all had a hand in the project.  Citizens of Melbourne had rallied behind the project one hundred percent.


Unexpected Turmoil

As the project neared completion that was an unexpected complication. A few of the investors decided to withdraw their participation in the scheme and instead move their new properties into fully private estates.

This essentially took properties away from potential immigrants and lowered both the expected rise in population and the overall economic benefit that would have come from the property. It was soon discovered this private investor was planning to use the homes as vacation homes for him and his friends. This meant they would sit empty for most of the year, bringing no extra capital into the local economies.

This was followed by massive delays to construction as a lot of the firms had to deal with unexpected financial issues and supply issues due to imports being slowed down. A freak series of cyclones off the coast of china slowed down all shipping by a few months, putting the project behind schedule and well into the red in terms of overspend.


The Impact

Eventually, construction finished and the new residential zones were opened. The impact on Melbourne as a city and the real estate market was seen almost instantly. The number of homeless citizens dropped by a significant amount within a month.

New council housing schemes were opened and nearly half the housing waitlist was given a home. Surprisingly the city didn’t see a rise in unemployment. The city was able to find enough jobs to successfully put to work all of the newly housed individuals.

The biggest shock came from the real estate side of things. The effect of all this vacant property is that property values as a whole are slowly decreasing. With more empty houses the market is having to compete with itself to stay afloat and, as such, is seeing house prices dip down.

This is a worrying trend that, if it doesn’t stabilize, could see the housing market in Melbourne crash entirely.



America Has Declared Pest Control as an Essential Service

In our great city of New York despite all of our achievements, the skyscrapers that pierce the sky, the boom of wall street that is heard around the world, and the roar of the Yankees stadium that has welcomed the greatest athletes of our time… we still have a problem. This problem is not man nor his creation, but that of the rodent. New York has a pest problem. I can’t remember the last time I went to the tube or even downtown without seeing a horde of rats. This problem has led to direct action from the mayor’s office with pest control in nyc now being declared as an essential service joining services like mail, trash, and auto repair.


The Issue

The move has been largely welcomed by the mass of New Yorkers, who have seen the city slowly deteriorate into a pest ridden slum. These pests have been scaring tourists and affecting local morale. The hope is this essential service status will lead to more feet on the street in this new battle for New York. The essential service status will lead to more benefits and higher pay for those in the pest control industry. The mayor has previously had a tetchy relationship with our state unions, and he must hope that this new status will win the unions over.


Some in the pest control industry has pushed back against the measure in fears that this will remove some of their labor rights. The head of the pest control union of lower NYC had this to say:

“Though we appreciate our efforts in the field being finally being appreciated, and the added benefits now handed to our members, we no longer hold any leverage if we are wrong. A loss of leverage is a loss of protection, I only pray that the state of New York repays our trust.”

This does show that the unions appreciate their new status, but are still wary of the state. Personally, I believe that as time goes on the relationship between the unions and the state will improve. Change can feel strange sometimes, but this is the time for the state to step up.


Will it Work?

Time will only tell if this move will improve the war on the pest problem of NYC. This will mean however that there will be more feet on the street in the combatting of our problem. Currently, one worker can be expected to complete one job a day, if under state plans we have a further three workers per seven blocks on the street then that will be an extra three pest sites removed every seven blocks. Some may suggest that the issue does not lie with the pest control but the people of New York themselves. Perhaps, the money spent on the new pest control fighters on the street could be spent on re-education and high technology bins. If New York learned how to not litter, or the homeless to not defecate on the street then we would not need this essential clarification.


All I know is it is us who is footing the bill on another big government spending program. How about we learn how to clean up after ourselves, and learn how to help our vulnerable. Until then we must pay for more pest control in its new essential service, the mayoral office has put themselves under an awful lot of pressure, and I personally hope that they do not get burnt.


The Benefits of Sending Your Scout to Camp

Scout Boy

Spending a week at summer camp tends to paint the right picture of adventure that comes out with a number of benefits. Experiencing the same will bring in changes that are critical to the overall thinking of a scout. As a result, sending a scout to camp is an important process that every parent needs to do. But if the above results do not sound appealing for the process, then we have a few more. Yes, that’s right. We are going to talk about the benefits of sending a scout to camp, so go ahead and read them out.

1. A Break from Technology

Every parent wants their kid to take a break from constant gaming and binge-watching an entire series on the weekend. So an ideal way to do so would be to send them to summer camp because they will be able to unplug from technology. Television or cell phones will not be continuously used because these camps have other forms of activities that need to be completed. As a result, they will enter the real adventure instead of virtual adventure.

2. Physically Active

Running, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, hiking, and other such activities are the ideal way through which scouts spend a day at camp. Due to these, kids will be physically active and will enter a new form of adventure that is both fun and healthy. The kind of action or the activities that they perform in a day will keep things busy as their mind gets prepared to face more challenges.

3. Eliminate Fears

Scouts are often taught about the importance of being brave and how to eliminate the idea of fear. As a result, they will be ready to leave everything aside and take on challenges that once questioned their capabilities. In case they face drawbacks and are not able to complete the process, then qualified professionals will ensure that things are preceded accordingly. They will enable them to take the right step and complete the entire process.


4. Develop Skills

When scouts begin to follow programs and instructions provided by the individuals who run the camp, they will align themselves in a detailed manner. This method will bring in the sense of discipline, and when it comes to action, it will develop skills. They will be able to explore a different side to life and understand the importance of knowing concepts. The different kinds of skills that they produce will be on schedule to help them manoeuvre across life.


Summarising these points will further encourage you to make the right move and change things for your child. So understand the entire process and move forward to do the right thing.